Land Conservation Committee

The Land Conservation Committee is created pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 92.06, for the purpose of performing policy formulation and program responsibilities authorized by Wis. Stats. Ch. 92. 

Comprised of elected County Board members, a Member at Large and a Farm Service Agency Representative, Land and Water Conservation Committee takes the leading role in local land and water resource protection.  They set the course for conservation in their counties by:  

  • Providing local conservation leadership and coordination.
  • Establishing conservation policy based on local input and resource assessment needs.
  • Developing resource-driven county land and water resource management plans.
  • Possessing legislative and taxing authority.
  • Developing and adopting local, state and federal cost-sharing programs.
  • Promoting conservation awareness and stewardship at the local level.
Supervisors on Land Conservation Committee:
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Date Description Documentation
March 19, 2020   LCC Meeting Agenda Minutes
January 16, 2020   LCC Meeting Agenda Minutes