CANCELLED - 4-H Pinewood Derby

Due to growing concern with the coronavirus (COVID-19), this event has been cancelled. 

Order Your Pinewood Derby Car Now! Manitowoc County 4-H will be holding their 10th annual Pinewood Derby competition on Thursday, April 16 from 6pm - 9pm, at the Manitowoc County Ice Center.  

What is a Pinewood Derby? Youth take a block of wood (7" long by 1¾” wide by 1” high) and they cut, carve, whittle, and sand it into the shape of a vehicle. They then add two axles and four wheels and race it down a 42 foot aluminum track.   There is no motor to power the car, the track is elevated at one end and gravity pulls the car down the track. The car’s speed is really dependent on two factors – air resistance and friction.  

The Pinewood Derby fits well within the 4-H program and it is a great way to engage youth of all ages in a project that involves science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as creative design.   At the event, trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers for each age division and trophies will be awarded for the best finished cars (Best of Show) and the slowest cars (Best Fuel Economy). Age divisions for the Pinewood Derby are: Cloverbud (Grades K-2), Elementary (Grades 3-5), Intermediate (Grades 6-8), Senior (Grades 9 – 12), and Adult (must be related to a 4-H member).  

Pinewood Derby Car Building Workshop – Tuesday, March 17 We will again be hosting a Pinewood Derby car building workshop on Tuesday, March 17 from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the Manitowoc County Office Complex for youth who need help with their car.   Pinewood Derby Physics - Saturday, April 4 Aerodynamics, friction, gravity, potential and kinetic energy… what are the secrets to building a fast Pinewood Derby car?  

Take advantage of a "Science by Inquiry" program to learn how to make your pinewood derby car fast – or faster! Arrive at the Manitowoc County Office Complex, 4319 Expo Drive, any time between 9am-11am and plan to stay about 1-2 hours. The program will end by 12:00pm.   The Pinewood Derby is a lot of fun to participate in and a lot of fun to watch!    If you have questions about the Pinewood Derby, please contact 4-H Youth Development Educator, Kevin Palmer.