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Manitowoc County Treasurer's Office has made every effort to provide valuable and correct information on this website, but let it be understood that the information is subject to errors and omissions and no warranty is given or implied as to its accuracy.  No legal decisions should be made based solely on the information found on this website.  Any person is entitled per section 19.35 of Wisconsin State Statutes, to examine the public records in the office of the County Treasurer and verify the information to the person' own satisfaction.  Manitowoc County website will not have "current tax" information for the City of Manitowoc and the City of Two Rivers until after July 31st each year.  Each of these two cities produce and manage their own current year taxes. 

Tax Billing Process:
Current real estate tax bills are created and mailed by the third Monday in December each year.  The tax is based on the assessed value of property as of January 1st.  Manitowoc County Treasurer creates the bills for all municipalities except the City of Manitowoc and City of Two Rivers.  Upon printing the tax bills, the bills are given to the local municipal treasurer to mail and collect taxes due through January 31st.  Website tax records will not be updated with current taxes paid until mid-February when settlements are conducted with each municipal treasurer.

Manitowoc County Treasurer is responsible for collecting current second installments and delinquent taxes after January 31st.  The second installment is due to the County by July 31st.  If a taxpayer missed the January 31st due date to the local treasurer, the tax is then considered delinquent and accrues one percent interest penalty per month until it is paid in full.  The installment option is also no longer an option and the delinquent tax is due immediately. 

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