Well Water Testing

The Soil and Water Conservation Department recommends that you test your well water annually to ensure it is safe for use.  SWCD also recommends taking corrective measures if pollutants are present.

Test your well water if you notice a change in color, odor or taste!

Annual Well Water Screening at Fair:

Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department provides FREE nitrate screening at the Manitowoc County Fair every year.  To take advantage of this screening, bring a sample of your well water in a CLEAN jar to the Soil and Water Booth and we will be glad to test it for you.  Please remember that this is only a screening and should not take the place of a Certified Test. 

Manitowoc County Health Department:

Manitowoc County Health Department provides free well water testing for coliform bacteria and nitrates for households with pregnant women and infants (up to 12 months).  It is recommended that everyone test their well water at least annually, but it is even more important to test your water before using it for infant feeding.  Infants are more susceptible to infection from contaminated water.  Additionally, water that is high in nitrates causes "Blue Baby Syndrome" or methemaglobinemia, which limits the ability of the blood to carry oxygen.  If you are interested in testing your water, you can pick up a kit at the Manitowoc County Health Department.

Certified Well Water Testing:

  1. UW-Stevens Point:  SWCD partners with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point for certified well water testing.  Water sampling bottles can be picked up at our office.  (Note: The heavy metals package requires a different bottle than the one provided at the Soil and Water Conservation Department.  Call the Steven's Point lab directly to obtain the correct bottle: 715-346-3209 or Toll free 877-383-8378)

    Pricing and Testing information

    Learn more about WI well water quality by going to the UW Stevens Point Online Well Water Viewer

  2. Other Certified Labs:  These certified labs meet the requirements of Ch. NR 812, WI Adm. Code.

ID Your Water Symptoms:

Diagnose your water concerns based on the symptoms you notice about your drinking water. Possible causes are listed with the most likely first.

ID your symptoms here to answer the following questions:

  • Are there health concerns if I drink the water or shower with it?
  • What lab test can be done to confirm the problem?
  • How can I find a laboratory?
  • If there is a confirmed problem, what are possible fixes?
  • How can I find someone qualified to do the work?
  • Can I get any financial help to fix the problem?