Water coming out of BubblerGroundwater is often taken for granted.  You just turn the faucet and there it is. Manitowoc County has an abundant supply of groundwater compared to many areas of the country.  Groundwater quality, however, varies throughout the County.  Human influence in areas of the County with shallow soil over fractured bedrock and where karst features, such as sinkholes, exist can cause poor water quality unsuited from human consumption.  Pollutants from the surface quickly leach to the fractured bedrock not far below the surface.  The unfiltered surface water soon becomes our drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and dish washing water.  Keeping groundwater free of pollutants is an on-going challenge, and we ALL share in that responsibility.

The Soil and Water Conservation Department recommends that you test your well water annually to ensure it is safe for use.  SWCD also recommends taking corrective measures if pollutants are present.

The Department partners with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point for certified well water testing.  Water sampling bottles, along with information on how to test and where to send a sample for testing, can be picked up at our office.

Wisconsin Groundwater Standards

Wisconsin Groundwater Quality Standards