The Soil and Water Conservation Department staff work with landowners to implement Best Management Practices on their land. 

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

CREP is a joint effort between the Federal, State and County governments to complement working agriculture and the protection of Wisconsin’s soils and water resources. It is an offshoot of the Conservation Reserve Program, the country’s largest private-land conservation program. CREP targets high-priority conservation issues identified by local, state or tribal governments or non-governmental organizations. In exchange for removing environmentally sensitive land from production and introducing conservation practices, farmers, ranchers and agricultural land owners are paid an annual rental rate, along with other federal and state incentives as applicable per each CREP agreement. Participation is voluntary and the contract period is typically 10-15 years.

Map of potential CREP Stream Buffers

USDA Wildlife Damage Abatement Program (APHIS)

Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department administers funding for this program. The mission of USDA APHIS Wildlife Services (WS) is to provide Federal leadership and expertise to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist. WS conducts program delivery, research, and other activities through its Regional and State Offices, the National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) and its Field Stations, as well as through its National Programs. Contact Brian Maedke at 1-800-433-0663 for wildlife damage concerns in Manitowoc County.

Soil and Water Resource Management Program (SWRM)

Cost-sharing may be available to eligible applicants for conservation practices such as: grassed waterway construction, nutrient management planning, cover cropping, and well abandonment.

Cost-Share Programs for Cover Crops 

Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department (SWCD)

Payment: $25/acre- 1 year contract
*MUST have a nutrient management plan that meets state standards

Contact 920-683-4183

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP):
Payment:  Single Species - $62.48/acre
                 Multiple Species - $73.29/acre
*MUST address an existing Resource Concern (i.e. soil erosion, organic matter depletion, compaction)

Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP):
Payment:   $8-15/acre/year – 5 year contract
*MUST address an existing Resource Concern (i.e. soil erosion, organic matter depletion, compaction)

Contact 920-683-4198