Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices can be implemented to protect and conserve Manitowoc County natural resources.  Below are the priority practices that the Soil and Water Conservation Department focuses on:

Manure Storage Facility: 
Allows farmers to store manure until optimum spreading times. This facilitates application of animal waste during seasons when there is increased runoff vulnerability.

Barnyard Runoff Control System:
Diverts clean water away from barnyards. Runoff is either collected or filtered to reduce or eliminate discharge. Types include: containments, collection devices, clean water diversions, roofs, grass filters, settling basins, and fencing.

Grassed Waterway:
Prevents gully erosion, reduces nutrient and sediment runoff and protects water quality.

Wetland Restoration and Sediment Retention:
Traps and treats sediment and nutrients, reduces flooding and provides wildlife habitat.

Conservation Buffer:
Traps sediment and nutrients from cropland runoff, provides setback area between cropland application of fertilizer and pesticide applications, and provides wildlife habitat.

Conservation Easement:
Permanent protection of restored wetlands or stream corridor areas.

Nutrient Management Plan:
Plans intended to minimize nutrient entry into surface water, groundwater, and atmospheric resources while maintaining and improving the physical, chemical, and biological condition of the soil.  Visit the DATCP website to learn more.     

Conservation Crop Rotation:
Reduces sheet, rill and wind erosion, manages balance of plant nutrients, manages plant pests, and improves soil organic matter content.

Feed Leachate and Milkhouse Waste Control System:
Reduces or eliminates milking center waste water discharge and discharge from field storage structures.

Cover Cropping:
Improves soil health, improves soil structure, increases organic matter, manages excess nutrients in the soil, minimizes soil compaction, promotes nitrogen fixation, and reduces erosion.

Reduced Tillage:
Reduces erosion, improves soil condition, reduces energy use, provides food and escape cover for wildlife.

Subsurface Drainage Repair:
Reduces transfer of manure and nutrients to surface water.