Salvage Vehicle Inspection

**Failure to provide materials as required may result in denial of inspection**

1.  WI Salvage Title in the owner's name.  EXCEPTION - WI DEALER may present a completed MV-11 document in the buyer's name.
          a.  The title presented at the time of inspection shall be a WI salvage title.

Photos of vehicle2.  4-Pictures showing damage prior to repair.  
          a.  One photo of each side of the vehicle
          b.  Photos of the vehicle should be taken at a 90 degree angle to it and the vehicle should fill the frame of the photo. 

3. COMPLETED Major Parts Statement (MV2673) with receipts for new or used major parts.
          a.  For any used part, the owner/agent must ensure that the vehicle identification number for any donor part is documented.
          b.  Receipts for the major parts must include the VIN number from the Donor vehicle or the OEM part number if new part.

4.  Invoices for 4 wheel alignment and air bag diagnostic.

5.  COMPLETED MV-1 document in the owner's name for the specific salvage transaction. 

6.  Business size envelope with required postage addressed to:
         WI Department of Transportation
         WI DOT PO BOX 7949
         Madison, WI 43707-7649

7.  Personal check (ONE) made payable to REGISTRATION FEE TRUST for $84.00 (Salvage inspection Fee with Tax) plus any additional required fees.  (ie, title transfer fee, license plate fee [or renewal if within 2 or 3 months when transferring plates], any additional fees required for special plate requests)

8.  Note: There may be an additional garage/lift fee.  The fee amount is dictated by the respective vendor and separate from those fees collected from the WI DOT.

9.  If 3rd party is presenting the vehicle for salvage inspection, the Agent assignment section of the Major parts statement must be completed and signed by the owner. 

10.  Check the vehicle over prior to contacting the Manitowoc County Salvage Vehicle inspection line to ensure that required equipment meets required standards.  Items often missed are lights (registration plate lamp, marker lamps, 3rd brake light, etc.), windshield washer emitters, damaged mirrors or lighting lenses.  Vehicle standards can be found:
          a.  WI Statute 347
          b.  WI Trans Code 305

11.  Call the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Salvage Vehicle Inspection Line to schedule an appointment or for any questions related to this process at 920-683-5000 ext 2222.

The owner/agent may obtain the MV-1 document or the MV2673 at the DOT website