Waste Tire Collection

Due to Covid-19 precautions, we are allowing one customer in the office at a time. If someone is ahead of you, then you may need to wait outside until it is your turn. Use of a face covering is strongly encouraged. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance. Please do not visit the if you are sick and experiencing symptoms.

The Recycling Center holds a seasonal waste tire collection. County residents and businesses can drop off their unwanted tires for a fee. Accepted tires include car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, atv, semi, and tractor tires. Tires should be separated into “on road tires” and “off road tires”.

Pile of tiresLocation and Dates

Manitowoc County Recycling Center - Main Office
3000 Basswood Road, Manitowoc, WI

April through October

Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm
Saturday 8am - Noon

Fees and Guidelines

  • $5.25 per car tire or smaller (5 tires or less)
  • $6.90 per standard truck tire (5 tires or less)
  • 17 cents per pound ($340 per ton) for:
    • Quantities of 6 or more tires
    • Semi tires
    • Tires on rims
  • 22 cents per pound ($440 per ton) for off road tires including:
    • Agricultural equipment tires
    • Mining equipment tires
    • Mixed loads containing off road tires
  • Cash or check only
  • Pay in the Recycling Center Main Office before dropping off tires
  • Bring your waste tires during the listed times for the Main Office
  • Collection employees reserve the right to judge, based on tire size and quantity, whether a customer is charged on a per tire basis or by tire weight.
  • Residents and businesses with dump truck loads or larger quantities of tires must call the Recycling Center before coming.
  • Rubber products that are not tires are not accepted.


Tires have been banned from landfills for many years.  Because of the high disposal costs, tires are often thrown in our woodlands, waterways, along roadways, or in illegal stockpiles.  Improper disposal can lead to significant environmental problems such as surface and groundwater contamination, fires which release toxic fumes, and the creation of habitats for pests such as rodents and mosquitoes.  Proper disposal will reduce or eliminate these problems. 

Waste tires can be reused in a number of beneficial ways.  They can be shred into rubber chips and used as artificial turf or as a groundcover in playgrounds.  Finely ground ‘crumb rubber’ can be used in artificial turf, athletic tracks, sidewalks and other rubber products.  Nylon and steel found in tires is also separated and recycled.  Depending on what other materials are in the tire they may also be used as a fuel source.  When burned in specially designed incinerators the release of noxious smoke can be controlled.

Manitowoc County residents can be proud of their commitment to recycling and the betterment of our environment.  Thanks to the many participants, the Tire Collection brought in 1925 tons of unwanted tires since it started in 1998.