Board of Adjustment Applications

The Manitowoc County Zoning Ordinances require certain minimum setbacks and/or requirements for construction projects. These setbacks can vary depending on the parcel of land being built upon. If a construction project cannot meet the requirements set forth in the Zoning Ordinance, the application is denied. An appeal of that denial can be made through a procedure requesting a variance. 

Variance Fee - $475

Variance Brochure

Variance Application

Conditional Use
A conditional use or special exception is any exception expressly listed in the zoning ordinance regarding land uses. A conditional use is not suited to all locations in a zoning district, but may be allowed in some locations if it meets specific conditions set out in the zoning ordinance. These conditions generally relate to site suitability and compatibility with neighboring land uses due to noise, odor, traffic, and other factors. In short, conditional uses must be custom tailored to a specific location. A conditional use must be listed as such in the zoning ordinance, along with the standards and conditions which it must meet.

Conditional Use Fee - $475

Conditional Use Brochure

Conditional Use Application

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