Inmate Communications

Send Mail to an Inmate

Inmate's Name
Manitowoc County Jail
1025 South 9th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Envelopes MUST have inmates’ full name, as well as, Sender’s full legal name and return address. Any letter without a return address, scented with perfume, lipstick, stickers or glue, or from a restricted person will be placed in their property for them upon their release. If there is no name but a return address, the letter will be returned to the sender.  Cashier check or money order may be mailed in.

Send Books/ Magazines to an Inmate

Soft covered books and magazines may be sent in through a 3rd party vendor such as Amazon, EBay or a bookstore.  Magazines or books that contain full nudity, sexual acts, gang related material or any other materials that may disrupt the safety or security of the jail are not allowed.

All newspapers must come through a prepaid subscription. Out-of-county inmates will not be allowed to enter into “time contracts” (i.e. magazine subscriptions, newspaper subscriptions, etc.). 

Bulk mail will not be processed unless specifically addressed to an inmate.

Phone Calls from an Inmate

Phones are located in the cellblocks for their use. All calls are collect calls, unless the inmate purchased phone time with funds from their commissary account, allowing them to call direct.  Calls are limited to 15 minutes per call. The inmate will need to redial each time the conversation has been terminated.  To set up an account or for assistance call Securus at 1-800-844-6591 or visit their website.

Phone Calls to an Inmate

No messages will be passed on to an inmate.  You may contact them through the mail/ email/ sms/ video visit only. 

Send emails/ SMS/ Text messages to Inmate

Go to Inmate Canteen to create an account. ALL correspondences are scanned by Manitowoc County Jail staff before transmission is complete. If a correspondence is flagged (contains questionable verbiage/ content), it will be denied.

Canteen, Hygiene & Writing Materials

If an inmate has funds, they can purchase hygiene, writing materials & canteen weekly.  An inmate must have $1.00 or less in their account for 5 consecutive days to be considered indigent.  An indigent inmate may order indigent hygiene items & writing materials only, weekly.