Reporting In Guidelines

I have been sentenced to a term in the Manitowoc County Jail.  The following guidelines should answer some questions I may have about reporting to jail.  For a packet containing jail information, regarding Huber and sentence transfers, please go to the jail lobby or visit our website. 

  1.  I am expected to report to jail in a sober condition. IF I REPORT IN and test positive for drugs or alcohol, I will be subject to discipline (unless verification of prescription medication are provided). Discipline may include 24 hours segregation, being held in for up to (5) working days waiting results from the lab and/or denial of Huber/Work release privileges. All initial UAs will be used as a baseline for future UAs.
  2.  If I am currently working, I will need to meet with the Huber Officer prior to reporting to jail to set up my Huber release. Failing to do so prior to reporting to jail may delay me getting out for work.
  3.  If my place of employment is outside of Manitowoc County, I may be able to transfer my jail sentence to serve my sentence in another county. Contact the Huber Officer prior to reporting to make arrangements.
  4.  I must report to jail by the time indicated on my judgment. Failure to do so will subject me to discipline and possible additional criminal charges, either a class A misdemeanor or a class D felony.  It will also result in suspension of my Huber/Work Release privileges until disposition of the new charge.
  5.  By state statute I am required to pay board at a rate established by the Manitowoc County Board of Supervisors. I may accomplish this by a check release form which has my paychecks sent to the jail, or I may pay my room and board fees in advance for the balance of my stay. For sentences of 30 days or less all board must be paid for prior to or at time of booking.
  6.  If I am currently seeking employment I will need to register at the temporary agencies prior to reporting to jail. We are not an employment agency.  I need to have my Social Security card or Birth Certificate and photo ID at the jail to be hired while in jail. We will not allow inmates out to obtain these items.
  7.  The Electronic Monitoring Program is authorized at the discretion of the Jail Administration. Complete application and either or drop off the application to the Huber Officer for review prior to my report in date.
  8.  The release time at the Manitowoc County Jail is 5 a.m.