Huber - Electronic Monitoring

Sentenced with Huber Law

In accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 303.08(1), the Court has granted you the privilege of Huber Law.

To avoid any delays with using your privilege you are encouraged to start the process well in advance of your report-in date.  If you are not currently employed you should pre-register at employment agencies prior to reporting in to jail.  The employment agencies web-sites are listed under Outside Resource Directory.


 Sentenced with an OWI Charge

  • YOU MUST have your alcohol assessment scheduled & paid for before reporting into jail or you will not have Huber privileges. THIS IS A STATE LAW!
  • Receipt of payment and appointment must be provided
  • Wisconsin Act 100, took effect on July 1, 2010, requires Judges to order an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for
  1. All repeat OWI offenders
  2. All first time OWI offenders with an alcohol concentration of 0.15 percent or higher
  3. All drivers who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample for a chemical test at a traffic stop
  • The order affected the offender in two ways:
  1. The IID order applies to every vehicle owned by the offender, regardless of what type of vehicle (car, pickup, van, motorcycle, or large truck)
  2. The offender’s driving privilege is restricted so that they can only operate IID-equipped vehicles during the duration of the order.
  • If offenders choose to apply for an Occupational License from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which allows them to drive to/from work or school, or to take care of essential activities, then their restricted operating privilege will be conditioned on driving a vehicle equipped with an IID – and it will not matter who owns the vehicle (the offenders, their employer, or whomever loaned them a vehicle).
  • You must have the device installed before DMV will re-issue your occupational license.

Electronic Monitoring Program

Electronic Monitoring- Huber Packet MUST be completed. You may pick one up in the jail lobby or print application (Spanish). Drop the completed packet off with the Huber Officer or at the Jail Lobby.  If the Huber Officer has not contacted you after you dropped off the packet, YOU MUST contact the Huber Officer (920)683-4945 PRIOR to your report date to process your paperwork and determine eligibility.  IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW-UP, YOUR HUBER LAW PRIVILEGE WILL BE INTERRUPTED, AS IN-CUSTODY HUBER HAS BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

If you are sentenced to 22 days or more you may be required to complete 20% - 30% of your sentence in the jail prior to being placed on the program. SCRAM Continuous Monitoring works with a land line phone service or internet provider. 

Transfer Request

If you have been sentenced and would like to transfer to OR from Manitowoc County, there are several things that need to take place:

  • The sentencing Judge needs to authorize transfer to another County
  • The County where you were sentenced must send a Huber transfer request to desired County of transfer
  • A copy of the Judgement should be attached to transfer request
  • You must have a job and/or the ability to pay required fees
  • If wishing to transfer to Manitowoc a Manitowoc Huber/EMP application must be filled out and received prior to transfer consideration and/or eligibility
  • Not everyone who applies is accepted onto the Huber/EMP program
  • If your transfer is approved, failure to follow rules and/or pay fees will result in termination of transfer and you will be returned to the sentencing county
  • Manitowoc County reserves the right to deny transfer and to terminate a transfer for any reason

Reporting In Guidelines (Spanish)