Health Services Unit

  1.  The Jail Health Services Unit (HSU) personnel are required to follow HIPAA regulations related to the disclosure of medical or dental information. This information may be disclosed, as needed, to medical facilities for my continuation of care.
  1.  If I feel I have significant medical issues that HSU needs to preplan for, please complete the Confidential Information Release Authorization & Medical Pre-Booking forms and return these to HSU/Jail at least (3) business days prior to my report in date so jail nursing can review and retrieve any needed medication or records prior to my report in date.
  1.  Inmates are responsible for directing and addressing all medical, mental health, or dental concerns to the HSU staff. The jail physician is primarily in charge of my care while I am incarcerated.
  1.  All prescription medications must be brought to the jail in the original, pharmacy container. Prescriptions must be current and properly labeled. Multiple medications combined in one container are not allowed. HSU staff will review the prescriptions. Over-the-counter medications are not allowed to be brought in.  These items may be purchased from the canteen.
  1.  Narcotic and/or sleep aid medications are not allowed unless approval is granted by a jail medical provider or prescriber. This includes, but is not limited to, methadone and suboxone. Non-narcotic medications should be used whenever possible as an alternative.
  1.  Diabetics are responsible to provide verification from their doctor about care instructions. This can be done prior to my report in date.  The jail will provide the supplies I need during my incarceration.  This includes testing meter, strips, syringes, insulin, alcohol preps, and lancets.
  1.  All medical/dental appointments must be scheduled by the HSU. If appointments were scheduled before incarceration, the HSU must be notified at least 72 hours prior to the appointment to verify and determine the need for the appointment.
  1.  Medically related diet modifications are approved by the jail doctor when it is determined the modification is needed.