Youth and Family Services Unit

It is the mission of the Youth and Family Services Unit to guide youth and families in the development of accountability and self-sufficiency while addressing community protection.

The Youth and Family Services(YFS) Unit provides a continuum of youth and family services for families whose child has been referred to court for committing crime(s) or for being in need of protection or services.  YFS utilizes a balanced approach, taking into equal consideration accountability of the youth, community protection and competency development needs of the youth.  YFS strives to restore victims by seeking input, providing information to victims throughout proceedings, and offering restorative justice programming.

Services provided within this unit are primarily governed by the Juvenile Justice Code (Chapter 938), the Children's Code (Chapter 48) and state and county mandates and policies.

YFS staff are also Treasure Hunters, committed to search for all of the talents, skills and intelligence that exists in all children and youth.  We believe all children are capable of success, no exceptions!

YFS utilizes a team approach to serving youth and families, relying on the following programming:

 Restorative Justice Programming:

  • Manitowoc County embraces a balanced and restorative justice approach in working with youth.  Youth can be referred to the Restorative Justice Program as part of a court agreement, for restitution, community service and victim-offender mediation/conferencing.  Individualized planning takes into consideration the youth's risk level, treatment needs and responsivity factors.

Justicepoint Alternatives To Detention:

     Manitowoc County contracts with JusticePoint for the following services for alternatives to detention:

  • Youth Wellness Center (YWC):  The YWC is an after school report center that serves as an alternative to detention.  Youth referred to the YWC work on identified competency need areas including thought patterns, skill deficits, healthy and supportive family and friend relationships, substance abuse, academics, work, pro-social leisure activities and independent living skills.
  • Youth Tracking Program:  The Youth Tracking Program is an individualized program that assists a youth in being successful with completing court obligations.  The length and intensity of the program are based on the youth's individual needs.  GPS tracking devices are occasionally utilized as part of this program.
  • Intensive Supervision Program (ISP):  ISP is designed to provide a community based dispositional option for youth ages 10-18 that have been adjudicated delinquent, have continued their delinquent activity, and have failed to respond to traditional supervision services.  The purpose of the program is to provide daily supervision to high risk youth, while allowing the youth to remain in the community and to provide a framework and method of accountability.  Supervision under ISP is provided in a series of phases with standards for each phase.  ISP case planning works to address a youth's identified competency need areas.


Ledvina, Stacy
YFS Supervisor

Foster, David
YFS Social Worker

Odegaard, Chad
YFS Social Worker

Poff, Julie
YFS Social Worker

Rohrer, Erica
Restorative Justice Program

Schuette, Anna
YFS Social Worker

Weber, Tressa
YFS Social Worker

Zahn, Rodney
YFS Social Worker