Child Protective Services Unit

It is the mission of the Child Protective Services Intake Unit to intervene for the safety and protection of children in a non-punitive, non-critical approach, and to offer assistance in the least intrusive manner possible.

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Chapters 48.02 and 48.981 of the Wisconsin State Statues require that the Human Services Department conduct maltreatment investigations for suspected child abuse and neglect.  The Human Services Department is to determine whether abuse or neglect has occurred, the risk of future maltreatment and whether there are safety needs for the children in the home. 

An access worker receives child abuse & neglect calls or walk-ins from concerned members of the community. The access worker informs the caller as to whether the report is accepted for investigation or has been screened out. When appropriate, the worker will refer callers to other resources or agencies when the call does not meet the criteria for an abuse or neglect investigation.

If you believe that a child (ages 0 to 17) has been:

  • abused (physically, sexually, or emotionally),
  • neglected (physically or emotionally),
  • or is at risk of abuse or neglect

You should report your concerns to the Manitowoc County Human Services Department.

You are able to make a report 24 hours a day/7days a week:

     Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. call 920-683-4230.
     For Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues nights, weekends, and holidays call 1-888-552-6642.
     For Child Protective Services and Youth Services issues nights, weekends, and holidays call 920-683-4201.


Parent's Guide to Child Protective Services Assessments

Child Protective Services Frequently Asked Questions


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