Temporary Food Stand Information

The Manitowoc County Health Department  issues temporary restaurant licenses to businesses or organizations that prepare, serve, or sell food to the public during events, celebrations, or sales promotions. Organizations such as youth groups, churches, and service clubs (non-profit) that prepare, serve or sell food to the public 4 days or more during a 12 month period (July 1 to June 30) in Manitowoc County  need to obtain a Temporary Restaurant permit.

The Temporary Restaurant Permit allows businesses or above listed organizations to prepare, serve or sell food at events, celebrations or sales promotions within Manitowoc County.  Food service or sales is limited to 14 days for each event, celebration or sales promotion. However, the business or above listed organizations can participate in multiple events or celebrations throughout Manitowoc County during that 12 month period. The Temporary Restaurant permit expires annually on June 30.

Does my organization need a temporary restaurant license?

There are organizations such as youth groups, churches, and services clubs (non-profit) who may occasionally (defined as no more than 3 days during any 12-month period - July 1 to June 30) prepare, serve or sell food to the public. If you are organization listed above and planning to serve food for 3 days or less in Manitowoc County you do not need a permit.

Although a permit is not required, Manitowoc County encourages organizers to follow the safe food handling practices as described in the Temporary Food Stand Requirements Brochure.

What if I want to operate my temporary food stand in multiple jurisdictions?

If the operator of the Temporary Restaurant, Mobile Restaurant or Mobile Retail Food Establishment operates in multiple jurisdictions the license will be issued by DATCP.

A DATCP annual license will be accepted by all agents.  The agent may impose an inspection fee at each special event where the license is used, if this fee is authorized in local ordinance.  It is important that original licenses be posted in the establishment to be accepted. Failure to produce an original active license would result in purchasing a new license or not operating.

It is important to note that agents will have full enforcement authority when inspecting DATCP licensed facilities.  To contact DATCP licensing section please call (608)224-4923 or email.

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