If you need an interpreter, you need to advise the Clerk of Court office prior to your scheduled hearing, so arrangements can be made to have an interpreter available for your hearing, or you can complete an Interpreter Request and submit it to the Clerk of Court prior to your scheduled hearing. 

The Clerk of Court also has a bilingual Counter Clerk who speaks limited Spanish, who is available to assist our Spanish speaking community either in person or by telephone. 

One of our contracted Spanish interpreters has simultaneous interpreting equipment available upon request to provide simultaneous Spanish interpreting for multiple parties at once (i.e. defendant and other family members).  The equipment involves the interpreter wearing a headset microphone while the Spanish speaker would wear ear buds or an external ear piece connected to a receiver, which has volume controls.

Simultaneous Interpreter Equipment Available for Interpreters Serving Manitowoc County
Grant money through the State Interpreting Program has allowed for the purchase of Williams Sound simultaneous interpreting equipment which can be made available to interpreters serving Manitowoc County.  The equipment consists of a portable FM transmitter, three receivers, headset w/microphone for person interpreting, three headsets for parties, and a 2-bay battery charger.  Contact the Clerk of Court office to make arrangements for use of equipment.