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'F' Services.

FEES - Register of Deeds
 Please check with the WRDA website at:WI Register of Deeds Asssociation for a fee schedule.
Family court educational services - Family Court Commissioner
 Provide information and orders for parties to attend educational classes in co-parenting issues for divorcing and paternity couples.
Family Living Education - University of Wisconsin - Extension
 The Family Living program brings local residents the latest research on family issues. The Family Living Educator conducts needs assessments, plans community outreach programs, works with families, evaluates programs, trains professional volunteers and works as a partner with county agencies to improve the quality of life for Manitowoc County families. Focus areas are: encouraging family self-sufficiency, parent support and community partnerships, maximizing income to achieve economic security, and developing food safety strategies to reduce illness. Click here for Manitowoc County Family Living Website.
 The Planning Commission provides assistance for participants in the Farmland Preservation Tax Credit Program. Manitowoc County has 16 townships participating in the program.
Fees - Register in Probate
 Please click on the following link for a list of commonly incurred statutory fees. The complete list can be found in Section 814.66, Wisconsin Statutes.
Register in Probate fee schedule.doc
FoodShare - Human Services Department - Economic Support Services at the Job Center
 FoodShare supplements the food budget for low-income households. The FoodShare Employment and training (FSET) program is a voluntary program available to FoodShare recipients. FSET participants may be eligible for short-term training, case management and support services.
Forms - Register in Probate
 The office maintains a supply of forms required for proceedings in probate court for attorneys and citizens in need of the same. Forms are also available from the Wisconsin Court system (click on bold) website. The office of the Register in Probate also has some forms required by other agencies in the cases it handles.
File Maintenance - Human Services Department - Business Operations
Financial Intake - Human Services Department - Business Operations
Family Caregiver Support Group - Aging and Disability Resource Center
 This support program is a 6-week course that focuses on the caregiver. "Taking Care of You: Powerful Tools For Caregiving" is designed for family caregivers. The course is educational in nature, but the opportunity for class participants to interact and share with each other is also important. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the focus in on "YOU", the caregiver, not on the family member receiving care, the importance of self-care, and learning about taking better care of themselves. It focuses not on specific medical conditions of family members, but on how to deal with them.
FAMILY / PATERNITY - Clerk of Circuit Court
 Paternity cases (PA) are considered confidential and will not be found on the Internet.
Information on PA cases that have a post adjudication action can be found on the CCAP website.

Manitowoc County Family Court Forms

Child Support Information

Guardian ad Litem Petition For Payment of Fees

Petition and Order for the waiver of the GAL deposit requirement

Child Support Calculators


Description of the Manitowoc County Foreclosure Mediation Program

Local Court Rule 4.03- Mortgage Foreclosure Procedure

Application to Request Foreclosure Mediation (to be completed within 30 days of service of foreclosure summons and complaint)

Current foreclosure listings as posted by Manitowoc County Sheriff.
Manitowoc County Foreclosures

File Requests - Human Services Department
 How to request records: Complete a File Request form. This is available at the agency's front desk, by email or by mail. A signed release is required for anyone requesting confidential information. There is a fee for copies. Requests are completed in the order that they are received, however, consideration is given to emergency requests.
Food and Beverage Cartons - Public Works - Recycling Center
 Food and beverage cartons include shelf stable and refrigerated cartons for wine, milk, juice, cream, soup and egg substitutes. Cartons should be emptied, flattened and placed in with the plastic bottles.
Federal Surplus Equipment - Public Works
 Coordinates purchases and makes available information on the Federal Surplus Property program to County departments and other governmental agencies that use the Federal program.
Food Share Program - ES Unit - Job Center - Human Services Department
 Process requests and update files related to this card program.
Foster Care Program - Kinship Care - Human Services Department
 Kinship Care is the care of a minor child by a legal relative. The relative receives a financial grant from Manitowoc County in the amount of $226.00 per month for each eligible child. The relative completes an application for the monthly grant. An assessment is done to determine if the criteria mandated by the State of Wisconsin are met. This includes a criminal background check and a home visit by a social worker to ensure that the living situation meets the statutory requirement. The child's parents must agree to the living arrangements, unless it is a court-ordered placement. Parents may have to pay toward the Kinship Care grant. Depending on funding, a wait list may be set up. For more information or questions regarding Kinship Care, visit our website at If you would like an application for Kinship Care, please contact Cindy Schley at(920)683-4746.
Foster Care Program - Licensed Foster Homes - Human Services Department
 Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for children and youth who are unable to live with their own families due to safety concerns or other family crises. When it is not possible for a child to remain in their home, foster homes are critical in providing children and youth with a safe and stable living environment. Foster families are instrumental in assisting the child or youth with coping with their situation and keeping them connected to their family. Foster parents are an important part of a team of people working toward reunification or other permanency options for the children and youth in their care. Foster parents can foster children and youth ages 0-18. All families receive financial compensation for the children placed in their home, support services, 24 hour emergency assistance and health insurance for the children. Mandatory training is provided by the county. To learn about becoming a foster parent, visit our website at or Karen Zahn at (920)683-4095.
Foster Care Program-Respite Homes - Human Services Department
 Respite providers give a break or relief from caregiving responsibilities to a child's or youth's normal caregiver. Respite care is part-time care, generally 1-2 weekends per month, for foster children so their foster parents can have time away. Respite is also used for children who reside with their birth families to give the parents a break from normal caregiving responsibilities. Respite providers are certified and reimbursed by the Human Services Department. Provision of care is done within your own home. For more information and to learn more about respite care, visit our website at or call (920683-4230.
Foster Home Licensing - FR Unit - Human Services Department
 Work with current and potential foster homes to obtain and maintain licensing in the state of Wisconsin.
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