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'A' Services.

Abbreviations Key - Human Services Department
 CFS - Child and Family Services Unit CPS - Child Protective Services Unit FRU - Family Resource Unit AODA, MH, Crisis, Outpatient - Clinical Services Unit ES - Economic Support Unit
ABUSE ACTIONS - Clerk of Circuit Court
 Restraining orders for Domestic Abuse, Harassment, and Child Abuse, Combined Actions, and Vulnerable Adult. Some fees apply. Paperwork is available in Clerk of Court Office.

Restraining Orders in Wisconsin
Access Services - Human Services Department - Child Protective Services
 An access worker receives child abuse & neglect calls or walk-ins from concerned members of the community. The access worker informs caller whether the report is accepted for investigation or has been screened out. When appropriate, the worker will refer callers to other resources or agencies when the call does not meet the criteria for an abuse or neglect investigation.
Accounts Payable - Comptroller
 Create all checks for the payment of County invoices after department authorization. Central facilitator for 1099 reporting.
Accounts Payable - Human Services Department - Business Operations
Accounts Payable Checks - Treasurer's Office
 Mails all checks. Record checks in ledger and verify when cashed or issue stop payment when necessary.
Adopt-A-Highway - Highway Department
 Provide applications for the Adopt-A-Highway Program.
***Age requirements for participants are 11 years old or in the 6th grade for County Trunk Highways and at least 16 years of age for State Highways.
Contact person: Mary Koch
To see Adopt-A-Highway open sections, Click Here.
Adoptions - Register in Probate
 Assist the public with filing adoptions and step-parent adoptions without assistance of counsel. Our assistance is limited to procedure. Remember we cannot give legal advice. Forms are available on Wisconsin Court system (click on bold) website. While Manitowoc County will allow you to file without an attorney, this is not true in many other counties. Check with your local court before proceeding.

Maintain all permanent adoption and adoptive placement files, including voluntary terminations of parental rights accompanying a step-parent adoption. Appoint Guardian ad Litem when required and recover fees from adoptive parents.
Agricultural Hazardous Waste - Public Works
 For several years, in cooperation with the U. W. Extension department, an Ag hazardous waste collection program has been held yearly for drop-off of hazardous waste materials like pesticides, herbicides, solvents, cleaners, antifreeze, waste oils, and banned chemicals (such as DDT). There is no fee for farmers up to a certain amount of pounds.
AirNav Information - Airport
 Please click here: AirNav Data for AirNav.Com data regarding the Manitowoc County Airport.
Alzheimer's Family Caregiver Support Program - Aging and Disability Resource Center
 Provides direct financial assistance to families who are caring for an Alzheimer's patient at home.
AODA Services - Human Services Department - Outpatient-Mental Health-AODA
 Aoda Services
Accounts Receivable - Human Services Department - Business Operations
Adult Protective Services - Human Services Department
 Manitowoc County Human Services Department is the lead agency responsible for the investigation of physical abuse, neglect or self-neglect, and material abuse of adults.
After Hours Reports - Human Services Department - Child Protective Services
 After regularly scheduled working hours, reports of suspected abuse and neglect may be referred to any law enforcement agency or to the Human Services Department's Crisis Workers at 888-552-6642.
Airport DOT Information - Airport
 Please click here: Airport DOT/BOA Data to see an aerial view of the Manitowoc County Airport along with DOT information regarding the Airport.
Airport Maintenance - Highway Department
 Performs all maintenance and construction for the Manitowoc County Airport.
Contact person: Gary Robinson
To see Airport Information, Click Here.
 Revised in 2008, the Supreme Court Clerk has prepared a handbook which outlines the basic rules and procedures for the Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals. This handbook pertains to civil, small claims and criminal appeals.

A Citizens Guide to Filing an Appeal in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals (Rev. 8/2015)
(P. 35 of the manual has direct links to each form)

Forms for Filing an Appeal in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
AODA Services - Clinical Services Unit - Human Services Department
 Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse group and individual outpatient therapies.
Autism Intensive Treatment Services - Human Services Department
 This treatment method is proven effective for services that consist of the introduction of a particular approach to improve a child's social, behavior and communication skills in order to demonstrate measurable outcomes in these areas and overall developmental benefits. The intent is for the child to have fewer needs in the future and make clinically significant gains as a direct result of this service toward normal development.
Autism Waiver/Services - Human Services Department
 The service is limited to children who have a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, autism, or pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS). The child must meet diagnostic and functional criteria before starting services. Services must start before the child reaches the age of eight.
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