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Parks/Lake Access

Cherney Maribel Caves County Park occupies 75 acres on the West Twin River north of the Village of Maribel in the Town of Cooperstown. A rugged cliff line, generally paralleling the river, separates the gently rolling, partially wooded upland area from the wooded lowland adjacent to the river. The foot of the cliff line contains small caves and openings in the rock layers.

The upland wooded area and its fringes have been developed with facilities for picnicking and hiking. Picnic tables, grills, a picnic shelter, toilet facilities, and playground equipment are provided in or near the picnic area. Additional trails are located in the area of the park above the cliff line. Portions of the openland have been planted in seedlings in a reforestation project. A staircase and trail system has been constructed for greater accessibility to the scenic lowland area.

The Cherney Maribel Caves County Park is an especially significant geological area that was formed primarily by glacial activity. Through millions of years of deposition and change, glaciers wore down the land surface exposing an underlying solid mass of rock called Niagara Dolomite. Thus was formed the naked crags and irregular cliff line of the area. These formations are in contrast to other parts of Wisconsin where rich layers of boulder till were deposited by the glaciers.

Over the years, the rock has decomposed. Springs, the changing seasons, ice and temperature variations broke down the rock. Small caves and openings created by these forces appear in the rock layers of the cliff line. Springs which seep from the limestone rock flow over moss covered rocks and trickle to the river. Rare ferns, varieties of creeping plants and wild flowers are found among the rocks and within the wooded growth. This natural beauty of the park made it a popular picnic and recreational area long before it was acquired by the County in 1963.

Location: County Highway R
Directions: Take Interstate 43 North from Manitowoc to STH 147, East on STH 147 to CTH R. North on CTH R approximately 1 mile. Driveway to the East.

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