Expo-Ice Center Board

The Expo-Ice Board shall be responsible for providing budgetary and policy advice to the Public Works Committee on matters related to the operation of the Expo grounds, county fair, and ice center; shall be responsible for organizing and operation the county fair, and for reporting operational concerns relating to the Expo grounds to the Public Works Director.

Barry Blatz                     
Bob Cavanaugh                    
Brian Herr                    
Dan Newberg
Dave Gauger
Derek Fitzgerald
Dick Pollen

Jeremy Hawig   
Jerome Vetting                    
Jody Beyer                  
Joe Janowski   
Kevin  Behnke                
Lisa Taylor    
Michelle Bratt        

Michelle Sleik
Mike Plate                        
Richard Kohlbeck                 
Rob Voss                       
Russell Zipperer
Scott Konik
Tonya Dvorak

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