Outlander Music & Arts Festival

Outlander Music and Arts Festival

The Inaugural Outlander: Music & Arts Festival, is set for July 27 in the Ice Center and Shelter Pavilion.

Outlander is meant to truly show what we stand for by bringing a diverse community of new, young, and familiar music lovers together to a place where you can experience the newest and best up and coming artists in the Midwest.

Admission is $45 to $75. 
Tickets can be purchased online. Whether this is your first music festival ever or you are a well seasoned concert-goer, this name will be one to stick within your mind and soul from the first you step you take into our world, where we show how it is possible to bring together some many different people, values, and cultures into one setting while enjoying the energy that comes from incredible music! We are thrilled to share this news with you and even more in the coming months! Mark your calendar for the weekend of July 27!