Camp TaPaWingo Haunted Voyage

Saturday, October 14, 2017
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Camp TaPaWingo
Map It!:
915 W TaPaWingo Rd, Mishicot 54228

In 1962 a summer camp called "Camp Forever" was shut down due to mistreatment of it's campers, missing children, and unexplained deaths.  It was left abandoned and a new camp called "Camp Tapawingo" was built in front of it.  It's been many decades since "Camp Forever" has been in operation but some say there's been plenty of supernatural activity in the area from the souls of the passed on children.  Camp Tapawingo presents "Haunted Voyage", a terrifying exploration of the abandoned summer camp. 

This is a walk through Haunted House & Wooded Trail.  This Haunted Attraction has slightly rough terrain and uses fog and strobe lights.  No age limit, but we strongly advise adult supervision for younger children due to strong graphic content.

Admission is $14.00 per person

Haunted Voyage

 Haunted Voyage

Phone: 920-973-6981 

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