Local Ordinances

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Local County ordinances were developed to promote public health and welfare by protecting soil quality, surface water quality and groundwater quality in Manitowoc County. Implementation and enforcement of local conservation ordinances is viewed as a top priority for The Soil and Water Conservation Department staff.  In instances where various State regulations overlap Manitowoc County Ordinance the enforcement is coordinated with the state agency representatives. 

Education of County farm operators and their consultants is considered the primary tool to achieve compliance with County ordinances. Substantial compliance is accomplished using voluntary compliance and education. 

Manitowoc County Ordinances:

Manitowoc County Chapter 19 – Animal Waste Management Ordinance

Manitowoc County Chapter 26 – Animal Waste Storage Ordinance

Manitowoc County Chapter 27 – Agricultural Shoreland Management Ordinance

Manitowoc County Chapter 28 – Livestock Siting License