What Do I Do With?


Books should be donated whenever possible since reuse if preferable to recycling. If they cannot be reused then small amounts of books can be placed in with your curbside recycling as long at they are not bundled or boxed together. Large amounts of books can generally be recycled but call for guidelines. 

Goodwill Industries
4335 Calumet Ave. Manitowoc, WI, 920-684-7778
Donations accepted. Check their guidelines.

St. Vincent De Paul
911 Chicago St. Manitowoc, WI, 920-682-9452
2117 Monroe St. Two Rivers, WI, 920-793-1266
Donations accepted. Check their guidelines.

Manitowoc County Recycling Center
3000 Basswood Road, Manitowoc, WI, 920-683-4333
Remove metal or plastic bindings. Do not bundle of box books, they should remain loose. Call ahead or stop in the main office if you have a large amount of books to be recycled.

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