What Do I Do With?


Batteries can be recycled but often need to be sorted by chemistry. Charges and guidelines may be based on the battery type.

Manitowoc County Recycling Center - Electronics Program 
3000 Basswood Road, Manitowoc, WI, 920-683-4333
 All types, disposable and rechargeable. Charges apply for single use batteries.

Fleet Farm
1235 S. Rapids Rd., Manitowoc, WI, 920-682-4403
Car and truck batteries

Sadoff Iron & Metal
1600 S 26th St. Manitowoc, WI, 920-684-3388
Car and truck batteries

Pozorski Hauling and Recycling
2515 Viebahn St.  Manitowoc, WI, 920-682-3544
Car and truck batteries

Salvage Battery and Lead
175 S. Rockway St., Mishicot, WI, 920-755-4511
Car and truck batteries

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