Animal Waste Management

Land Application Restrictions
Animal waste and land application related activities, other than storage, are covered by Chapter 19 of the Manitowoc County Ordinance.  The ordinance cites specific manure management restrictions and requirements outside the structure of the 590 plan.  Restrictions include manure spreading activities in proximity to lakes, streams, wells, sinkholes and tile surface inlets along with winter manure spreading criteria relative to manure type and land slope. 

Animal Waste Management Chapter 19

Interactive Animal Waste Management Map
Spreading Requirements

Manure Spill Prevention/Response
Emergency Response

DNR SPILL HOTLINE: 1-800-943-0003

Livestock and Grazing Permitting
Livestock are not permitted to access an intermittent stream, perennial stream, or lake except as authorized in a grazing permit issued by Soil and Water Conservation Department. The Land Conservation Committee is authorized to adopt procedures and standards for any grazing permit.  Please contact SWCD for Permit Application.