Ag. Shoreland Management

Agriculture Shoreland Management: Chapter 27

Runoff of manure bearing water from barnyards; manure storage (stacked or constructed) or field application is prohibited from reaching the agricultural shoreline corridor. 

Application of Animal Waste, Manure, and other Nutrients: The mechanical application of animal waste, manure, and other nutrients to any land within the agricultural shoreland management area must comply with the requirements of Chapter 27 and be in accordance with a nutrient management plan that complies with Technical Standard 590. Application of animal waste or manure must stop whenever there is ponding or runoff. Immediate remedial action must be taken to contain any ponding or runoff that occurs during or following the application.

Unconfined Piles and Stacks: Unconfined animal waste and manure piles are prohibited within the agricultural shoreland management area.

Ordinance and Nutrient Management Restriction Maps