Recent Educational Events

SWCD Provides Nitrate Screening for Manitowoc County Residents
During the Manitowoc County Fair, the Soil and Water Conservation Department and Home and Community Education conducted 160 tests for private well owners in Manitowoc County.  64% of the results were within natural nitrate levels found in the environment. 22% of the results indicated some sort of human influence to the water and 14% of results were above the drinking water standard set for nitrates.  A special thanks goes to all HCE members who volunteered to provide this service to our community!

Nitrate Screening Results 1994-2017

Breakfast on the Farm
Habeck Homestead Farms LLC hosted Breakfast on the Farm on June 11th.  It was a beautiful day with 4,500 people in attendance!  The Soil and Water Conservation Department staffed a booth during the event and educated visitors about all the neat conservation efforts the farm is working on including: participation in the Groundwater Initiative, following a Nutrient Management Plan, participating in the Ag Recycling program, and much more.  Visitors asked questions and learned about soil health, groundwater vulnerabilities in the region, and Farmland Preservation Programming.  

Habecks Family Photo: (Back- left to right) Matthew Fidler, Lee Fidler, Ann Habeck, Leanne Habeck, Lexie Habeck, Dawn Habeck, and Tom Landt; (Middle- left to right) Katie Kreye, Kathy Fidler, Kyle Habeck, Yvonne Habeck, Kevin Habeck, Keith Habeck, and Kim Landt; (Front- left to right) Ian Habeck, Grace Habeck, Janae Habeck, and Leyna Habeck. (Not shown in picture) Jennifer Fidler and Alec Hoffman.
Booth Photo:  Amanda Cordova, Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department Education Coordinator

Earth Day at the YMCA
The Earth Day/Healthy Kids event that was held at the YMCA on Saturday, April, 29th, 2017 was a success!  Over 45 children stopped at the SWCD booth to make honey bees out of toilet paper rolls.  






Soil Health and Cover Crop Forum
Attending the Second Annual Soil Health and Cover Crop Forum on March 22, 2017 were 110 farmers, seed dealers, teachers and students.  Speakers from UW-Extension, Natural Resource Service, Manure Applicator Companies, and the Soil and Water Conservation Department gave educational presentations.  Attendees learned about goal-setting, cover crop strategies, soil microbial research, and much more.