On-going Educational Events

Nutrient Management Farmer Education 
An NMFE grant is provided by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection with the purpose of providing farmers educational opportunities regarding nutrient management.  The program is co-conducted by the Soil and Water Conservation Department staff, UW Extension, Discovery Farms and Natural Resource Conservation Services.  The curriculum is state-approved for nutrient management training and consists of two or more classroom sessions, farm visits, and on farm manure spreader calibrations.  Participants are qualified to prepare their own farm nutrient plan upon completion.

Fair Participation
Nitrate Screening:  The Soil and Water Conservation Department performs a well water screening for nitrates jointly with Manitowoc County HCE.  This provides information on individual wells and education on groundwater and contamination issues.

Conservation Education Incorporated
The Soil and Water Conservation Department provides environmental education for area educators.  The Soil and Water Conservation Department staff offer classes on soils and resource conservation. 

Breakfast on the Farm
The Soil and Water Conservation Department provides an educational display describing conservation efforts installed and implemented on the host farm.

Presentations and Field Days
Several presentations and Field Days are held every year to encourage conservation practices among farmers and the general community.

Agriculture Education Center
The Agriculture Education Center is in the preliminary stages of development.  Their main focus is education through discovery.  The Soil and Water Conservation Department is working with the creative subcommittee and director to develop an environmental display for the center.