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How come my recycling was not picked up today?
We do not handle residential accounts. Contact your local hauler’s customer service department. Their number should be listed in the phone book or on your garbage/recycling bill. You may bring your recycling in to the MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) at 3000 Basswood Road.

Where do I take old paint?
Latex paint can be dried out and disposed of in the garbage. Non latex paints can be brought to the annual Household Hazardous Waste Clean Sweep event. If you cannot wait for the annual Clean Sweep event, you can take you items the Brown County Recycling Center. Call 920-492-4950 for details, times and non-resident fees.

Who do I contact to have my garbage/recycling picked up?
Check the local phone book and choose a hauler. In some areas you may need to check with your municipal recycling program for details.

Do you take dehumidifiers, air conditioners, or refrigerators?
No we do not take these appliances. We are not licensed to manage Freon containing appliances. A number of businesses in our community are able to accept them for a fee. See the “What Do I Do With?” section of our website for a list.