Home Composting

Composting binHome composting can help municipal compost programs by cutting down on the volume of materials they need to manage and site traffic.  This option can be attractive to certain households that wish to save trips to the drop off site, desire to make their own compost, or reduce the volume of their household trash. 

Compost Bin Sale

Household food scraps can be turned into rich compost for your garden or plants.  Not only does home composting provide excellent compost, but you can reduce the amount of materials going into your garbage.  Large, 13-cubic foot compost bins with locking lids are available at the Recycling Center for $60.00 (tax included).

Compost Resources

Home Composting: The Complete Composter - WDNR PUB-WA-182 - This pamphlet from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides basic information on different methods of home composting, vermicomposting, and common questions.