Maintenance Program

Manitowoc County and the State of Wisconsin require that all Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS) be inspected every 3 years to ensure their proper operation.

Image of Sanitary System

The program requires visual inspection of the entire septic system and pumping of the septic tank when sludge and scum volume equals one-third of the tank volume.  The inspection must be conducted by a licensed master plumber, a licensed master plumber - restricted service, a certified POWTS inspector, a registered POWTS maintainer, or a certified septage servicing provider (pumping service).

Licensed Professionals

Septic Pumpers

Complete Inspection of a POWTS is required:

  • upon conveyance, merger, partition, subdivision, or transfer of the property on which the POWTS is located or of the property on which a structure serviced by the POWTS is located.
  • when a required 3 year maintenance inspection reveals that the POWTS is not in compliance.

 Existing POWTS Inspection Report