Huber Law

In accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 303.08(1), the Court has granted you the privilege to work, seek employment, to attend to the needs of family members and/or attend school or treatment programs, if approved/verified by the Jail staff.  To avoid any delays with using your privilege you are encouraged to start the process well in advance of your report-in date.  If you are not currently employed you should pre-register at employment agencies prior to reporting in to jail.  The employment agencies web-sites are listed below.

Here are printable items you will need prior to reporting to the Jail to start a sentence.

To set up an appointment with the Huber Officer contact (920) 683-4945.

Employment Agency Web Sites:

ABR Employment Services
Flex Staff
IQ Resources
Locate Staffing
Manitowoc County Job Center
QPS Employment Group
Qualified Staffing