Electronic Monitoring Program

This program allows individuals the opportunity to serve their jail sentence at home.
If you are sentenced to 25 days or more you will be required to complete 20% - 30% of your sentence in the Jail  prior to being placed on the program.  You must be a sentenced inmate and with Huber authorized by the Court.  The decision to authorize Electronic Monitoring (EM) is made by the Sheriff.  EM is not a given right. Each inmate application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  You must read and sign the Electronic Monitoring Rules/Regulations and agree to abide by them.  You must pay your EM fees in advance if your sentence is 20 days or less.  You must have removed any and all weapons and alcohol from the residence prior to placement.  You are obligated to pay any and all costs associated with the program.  This includes, but not limited to:

  • Booking Fee: $25.00
  • Start-Up Fee: $50.00
  • Daily Fee: $25.00
  • Drug Testing Fees
  • Loss or Damaged Equipment
  • Transfer Fee

The application process does take time as each application must be carefully reviewed before any decision is made.  If you live with anyone (family members, ect.) they must also agree to the placement rules and regulations.  The SCRAM Continuous Monitoring only works with a regular landline.  You may be required to have a home landline if the equipment requires it.

Electronic Monitoring Application