How to Apply

Description of Process

Information folder/Application:
The first step will be to contact us stating your interest in becoming a foster care parent.  You can do this by contacting a staff member and one can be mailed to you.  Or if you are in the area, you may stop in to the Human Services Department to request one. 

Background Checks & References:
Once the application is received the staff will be working on the background checks and other information.  During this time, the staff will also schedule a home visit with you and your family living in the household.  This home visit is to get to know you and your family better and do a home study.

Those applying to be foster parents must complete a six hour Pre-Placement training before any placements can be placed in their house.

Issue/Denial of License:
Once all the background checks, references, and Pre-Placement training have been completed, the staff will either issue or deny the foster home license.

Contact Us for Application