Children's Long Term Support Program

Wisconsin's CLTS Waiver is a needs based, voluntary program designed for children with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and severe emotional disturbances.  The purpose of the waivers is to help families support their children with severe disabilities within their own home.  The program provides families comprehensive assessment services.  For those eligible, this program provides the development of an Individual Service Plan, ongoing case coordination services and gap filling funds based on an individualized plan of care to purchase goods or services necessary to support the child and family.  The goal of the program is to assist the family supporting the child in the most integrated, naturalized setting possible.

Children with Special Needs Referral Form

The Children's Community Options Program (CCOP) provides individual services and supports to families that include a child with severe disabilities.  The program recognizes that meeting the needs of children who have severe disabilities may place hardships on a family's emotional, physical and financial resources.

The program offers:  information and help in finding services and maximizing community resources; limited funding to buy needed services and goods that can't be bought through other sources; and help in linking families with other families to strengthen natural supports.

Families are eligible for services if they have a child with a severe disability, under the age of 21, and living at home.  A severe disability is a physical, mental, or emotional limitation which seriously restricts the child's ability to carry out basic daily living activities such as self-care, learning, communications, mobility and self-direction.  Although family income is not a basis for eligibility, cost-sharing may be required on a sliding fee scale.


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Children's Long Term Support

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