Driveway Permits
Issues driveway permits for any driveway work or culvert installed on County Trunk right-of-ways.
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State of WI DOT Mailbox Safety Rules

Moving and Implements of Husbandry (IoH) Permits
Issues Moving and IoH permits for County Trunk Highways only.  Example:  Highways with letters A, B, C, etc.  Moving permits cover weight, height, and over width measures.
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Utility Permits
Issues utility permits to all utility companies that are performing any type of utility work on County Trunk right-of-ways. View Utility Policy 
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Provide applications for the Adopt-A-Highway Program.  Age requirements for participants are 11 years old or in 6th grade for County Trunk Highways and at least 16 years of age for State Highways.
: 920-683-4345