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Foster Care Facts

The Foster Care program is comprised of Foster Care, Kinship Care, and Respite Care. Each of these programs involves providing a safe, stable, and caring environment for children ages 0-18 who are unable to live with their own families due to safety concerns or other family crises. The program has a goal of reunification of all families, making a foster home a temporary place for their child to reside at.

Description of Program Services:

Foster Care Stats
  • Average age: 6.8 years
  • Average length of stay: 12.6 months
  • Number of foster homes: 33 homes
  • Number of children in care: 82 children
  • #1 reason children are placed is neglect, normally resulting from drug use
  • 69.64% of children in out-of-home-care receive permanency through:  reunification with parent(s), guardianship, adoption or living with relatives

Lecher, Tabitha
Foster Care Assistant

Schley, Cindy
Foster Care Coordinator

Zahn, Karen
Foster Care Coordinator
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