Adult Protective Services

Stop Elder AbuseAdult Protective Services (APS) are those services provided to ensure the safety and well-being of elders and adults with disabilities who are in danger of being mistreated or abused, neglected by self or others, or financially exploited and  unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from harm, and have no one to assist them.

Adult Protective Services include:

Investigating allegations of unsafe living situations, abuse and neglect; 

Facilitating and reviewing guardianships and protective placements; 

Collaborating with nursing homes, the Aging Disability Resource Center, Manitowoc County Health Department and others to protect the safety of vulnerable adults.


Murphy, Sarah
APS Social Worker

Oakley, Becky
APS Case Aide

Sturzl, Jennifer
APS Social Worker

Tisler, Dawn
APS Social Worker

Weina, Laura
APS Social Worker