Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program Announcement

The Manitowoc County Human Services Department will be accepting applications from Manitowoc County residents for the 2017-2018 Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) beginning October 2, 2017 through May 15, 2018. Benefits are also available to assist with electric costs.  Energy Assistance applications can be completed by mail, phone or in person.  To request an application or schedule an appointment, call 683-4300.

Applications will also be taken by appointment at the following sites and dates:

Please call the sites for an appointment.

 Two Rivers Senior Center – Tuesdays beginning October 31st.  Phone (920) 793-5596

 Manitowoc Senior Center - Thursdays beginning October 19th.  Phone (920) 686-3060

 Kiel Community Center, 510 3rd St. - Wednesdays October 25th and November 1st.  Phone (920) 894-7861

 Applicants are required to provide the following items: Social Security numbers for all household members regardless of age; photo ID for person applying, proof of heating costs for 12 months (a statement of these costs may be obtained from your fuel supplier); proof of electric costs for the same time period (the statement must be for electricity costs only); proof of any income in the household such as but not limited to the following: wages, Social Security benefits, unemployment compensation, child support, pensions, workman’s compensation, gambling, bingo and lottery winnings. Self employment of any kind (including rental income) and interest or dividend income will need to be verified using your 2016 income tax returns. Personal records on income or expenses cannot be accepted. Child support paid out of the household can be used as a deduction.

 If heat or electricity is included in the applicant’s rent or if heat bills are paid to the landlord, a statement must be provided from the landlord showing method by which the heat or electricity is paid and the name the bill is in.

 Subsidized housing residents who pay all or part of their heat or electric bill may be eligible for energy assistance.  Applicants who reside in subsidized housing must provide additional documentation.

 The Home Energy Plus Program uses a previous three month income test which is annualized to determine program income eligibility.