To inquire about a case or to obtain general information, call the office number and request the Coroner.  If the Coroner that you wish to speak with is not working, the on-duty Coroner will contact that person and you will receive a call back.  Often times the on-duty Coroner will be able to answer your questions.

Our administrative staff is part time.  Please call the office number to schedule an appointment to speak with the Coroner or a Deputy.

Department Director:
Green, Curtis
Coroner #116
Phone: 920-683-4008
Fax: 920-683-2812
Email Us

Chief Deputy Coroner:
Schroeder D.O., Jeff
Chief Deputy Coroner #117

Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner:
Kanugh , Al
Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner #250


Deputy Coroner:
Manis II , William
Deputy Coroner #10

Ruzek R.N., Alison
Deputy Coroner #14

Thomas, Brian
Deputy Coroner #12

Reinke R.N. , Jennifer
Deputy Coroner #15

Hansen, Megan
Deputy Coroner #18