General Court Information

EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2017 (for CV, SC, FA, PA, CT, CM, and CF cases)
(including ability to efile contested TR and FO cases)

- "mandatory  e-filing applies to attorneys or high volume filers filing 10 or
   more cases
per year

-  pro se litigants can become voluntary e-filers
-  refer to "E-FILING RESOURCES" for more information on becoming an
   e-filer and for information and guidelines relevant to efiling

Court records are open public records unless deemed confidential by statute or by court order.
Confidential records are only accessible to parties of the action or counsel of record.
Court records that are sealed by the court require an order of the court to unseal.


Meets every other month (February, April, June, no meeting in August, October, December)
1st Friday of the month, at 8:30 a.m.


2017 Courthouse Holiday Calendar
2018 Courthouse Holiday Calendar


Meets February, May, August & November
1st Thursday of the month, at 8:00 a.m.


Take Exit 149, follow signs for 151 North until you reach the intersection of South 8th and Washington
Streets.  Courthouse is on the right, at 1010 South 8th Street.151 North will become Calumet Avenue,
and then after the "S" intersection at S. 26th Street, it changes to Washington Street, but just follow the signs for 151 North.


In certain circumstances, the court may allow you to make your court appearance by phone.  You can make this request by contacting the judicial assistant for the judge or court commissioner scheduled to preside over your hearing.  If your request is granted, you will be provided with the phone number to call in for your scheduled hearing.  See Court Official Directory for phone contact information.


If you need an interpreter, you need to advise the Clerk of Court office prior to your scheduled hearing, so arrangements can be made to have an interpreter available for your hearing, or you can complete an Interpreter Request and submit it to the Clerk of Court prior to your scheduled hearing. 

The Clerk of Court also has a bilingual Counter Clerk who speaks fluent Spanish, who is available to assist our Spanish speaking community either in person or by telephone. 

One of our contracted Spanish interpreters has simultaneous interpreting equipment available upon request to provide simultaneous Spanish interpreting for multiple parties at once (i.e. defendant and other family members).  The equipment involves the interpreter wearing a headset microphone while the Spanish speaker would wear ear buds or an external ear piece connected to a receiver, which has volume controls.


CONFIDENTIAL documents/cases are confidential by statute
SEALED documents/cases are made confidential by court order


“Ex parte” is a Latin phrase meaning “on one side only; by or for one party.”  An ex parte communication occurs when a party to a case or a person affiliated with a party to a case communicates with a judge without the knowledge of other parties to the case.  For example, a letter addressed to just the judge is considered an ex parte communication because no other party to the action has access to it.  Also, a phone call directly to the judge would not be permitted unless all parties or their attorneys were participating in the phone call.  To ensure fairness to all parties, a judge shall not initiate, permit or consider ex parte communications made to the judge outside the presence of the parties or their attorneys.

To avoid ex parte communication, complete copies of all correspondence and pleadings addressed to the judge should be provided to all parties of the action, and copy distribution should be clearly documented at the bottom of the correspondence. 


The media coordinator system was established by Chapter 61 of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules.  Media coordinators are generally working members of the media who volunteer to help facilitate media access to the state's circuit courts, Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.  


To reserve a room in the courthouse for a deposition, contact the County Clerk's office at (920) 683-4003 to check for availability and to make scheduling arrangements.

(for community civic groups or local schools)

To arrange for a tour of the elected offices of the courthouse (including County Clerk's office, Register of Deeds office and County Treasurer's office) and possible court observation or a presentation by one of our circuit court judges, call the County Clerk's office at (920)683-4003 to make scheduling arrangements.  This typically takes approximately one hour.  If you want to include a tour of the Manitowoc County Jail, which also takes about one hour, contact Holly Herzog at (920) 683-4194, and then coordinate the scheduling with the County Clerk.


ADA Accommodation Request (GF-153) used to assist the court in determining what accommodation might be necessary for a party, witness, juror, attorney, or other individual to participate in court proceedings.

Address Change
Complete form legibly, including case number(s).  Address will be changed only on cases
indicated.  Clerk of Court requires all address changes to be given in writing. Submit completed
form to Clerk of Court in person, by mail or by fax.

Attorney Name or Address Change (Manitowoc County instructions)
Instructions to assist attorneys with making name and/or address changes statewide in CCAP.

Circuit Court Forms

Circuit Court Filing Fees

Circuit Court Classification Codes

Case Search (WCCA)  Case search options for Wisconsin Circuit and Supreme Courts

Credit Reporting Agencies 
Equifax - Phone: 1-800-685-1111
Experian - Phone: 1-888-397-3742
Transunion - Phone: 1-800-888-4213

By law, you are entitled to received one free copy of your credit report from each of the three
credit reporting agencies each year through to help you clear up
discrepancies on your credit report or detect signs of identity theft early.

Identity Theft/Privacy Protection Fact Sheets (DATCP)

Manitowoc County Local Court Rules 

Recommended Guidelines for Court Exhibits (Manitowoc County policy)
Informational resource to provide direction for effectively managing court exhibits at trial

Supreme Court Rules
Chapter 72 - Retention of Court Records

Interpreter Certification Program
The Clerk of Court office contracts with qualified court interpreters to provide interpretation
services required in various court proceedings. Interpreters may be utilized for both language
and hearing impaired interpretation services.

ADA Accommodation   Frequently Asked Questions About the ADA and Courts - Wisconsin Court System

Language Access Plan (revised: 2016)
This document serves as a plan for Manitowoc County to provide meaningful access to all Limited
English Proficient (LEP) persons who use the court’s services. The purpose of this policy is to
establish effective guidelines consistent with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order
13166 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Open Records Request (Manitowoc County form) for requesting copies from a Manitowoc County
court file; complete form as instructed and make applicable required payment

Public Records Notice - Manitowoc County Clerk of Circuit Court  (PDF document)
The office of Clerk of Circuit Court maintains court records and exhibits for civil, paternity, family,
juvenile, criminal, traffic, ordinance violations, and small claims cases; lien records and lien docket
of all money judgments of the court; oaths of office for court commissioners, municipal judges, sheriff’s
deputies, and deputy clerks; as well as jury management records, interpreter records, law library
information, financial, accounting and budget records, statistical records, and various management records.

Tax Intercept Appeal Procedure  (PDF document)
The Tax Refund Interception Program (TRIP) appeal procedure for Manitowoc County.

Text Message Reminders
You can now sign up to receive text message reminders for upcoming court hearings. 
Drop off or mail completed form to Clerk of Court office.
           ·Messages will be sent at 6:00 p.m. two days prior to any scheduled court activity
           ·Messages will not be sent on holidays or weekends
           ·Ad Hoc messaging can be done by court staff to advise parties of cancellations
           ·Text messages are supplemental notifications, provided as a convenience for customers
             who elect the service

Transcript Request  (Manitowoc County forms); Requests to have an original transcript of a court
hearing prepared need to be made in writing to the court reporter.  The court reporter will advise
requestor of  the cost, and prepayment will be required.  If a transcript is already part of the court
record, it can be purchased from the court reporter at a lower copy rate of $.50 per page, or any
records contained in the court file can be purchased from the Clerk of Court at the statutory copy
rate of $1.25 per page.   

To Request a Transcript for a hearing held before a Circuit Court Judge
To Request a Transcript for a hearing held before a Court Commissioner

Court reporters are now required to upload their transcripts electronically, provided it is a case
type enabled for efiling.  The court reporter has authority to designate parties who have paid for
a copy of the transcript to be allowed 
to view the transcript through the efiling portal.  The public
can still view transcripts at the Clerk of 
Court Office on the public access computers.

Wedding Information
A listing of Manitowoc County officials able to perform wedding ceremonies

Wireless Internet Access Notice
Conditions and Disclaimer


ADRC of the Lakeshore  (Manitowoc County) Phone:  (920) 683-4180 
(provides information, assistance and access to community resources for the aging population,
people with disabilities, their families and caregivers in Manitowoc County.   If you suspect that you 
or someone you know is the victim of emotional, physical, sexual abuse, neglect, and/or financial
exploitation, please call the ADRC office at 1-877-416-7083 for confidential reporting and

Aging Resource Center   (Manitowoc County)  Phone:  (920) 683-4180
4319 Expo Drive, Manitowoc, WI 54220
4th Wednesday of each month; 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., by appointment only
Legal consultation services provided by local volunteer attorneys who rotate on a monthly basis
Services available to seniors age 60 and older

Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin   Phone:  1-800-273-1002
-Helpful Phone Numbers and Websites (i.e. Unclaimed Funds / National Do No Call Registry /
  Identity Theft Hotline / Report Identity Theft / FBI Internet Crime Complaints / BBB Scam Tracker)
-How to "Freeze" Your Credit Report

Consumer Protection Agency    Phone:  1-800-422-7128

Disability Rights Wisconsin  1-800-928-8778
Statewide advocacy for adults age 18-59.  Disability Rights helps people across Wisconsin gain access
to services and opportunity through its advocacy and legal expertise.  Legal support addresses access,
inclusion, dignity, most-integrated choices and equal rights issues.

Domestic Violence Center n/k/a "In Courage"    Phone:  (920) 684-4661
300 E. Reed Avenue, Manitowoc, WI 54220
(provides 24-hour domestic violence crisis line and emergency short-term shelter.  Advocates provide
assistance to individuals/victims in preparing and obtaining temporary restraining orders and helping
to prepare individuals for attending and testifying at court proceedings.

Lawyer Referral and Information Service  (State Bar of Wisconsin)  Phone:  1-800-362-9082
An LRIS assistant will help you determine if you need a lawyer to proceed and will refer you to an attorney
in your area who has indicated an interest in your type of legal situation.  Attorneys referred through LRIS
agree to charge no more than $20 for the first consultation, up to one-half hour.  Some cases may resolve 
your legal issue at the first meeting.  If your problem requires work beyond the first half-hour, you will be 
charged at the lawyer's regular fee rate.

Modest Means Panel (State Bar of Wisconsin)
Assists people whose income is too high to qualify for free legal services, but too low to pay a lawyer's
standard rate.  Program is run by the Lawyer Referral Service at the State Bar.  You need to complete an
application and will be matched with an attorney who has agreed to consider certain cases at a reduced rate.

Wisconsin Legal Advice Online
Free service allows eligible Wisconsin residents to post legal questions for volunteer lawyers who have signed
up to participate in this program to answer select questions.  To use this website, you must qualify for help.

Manitowoc County CASA Program   Phone:  (920) 686-8708
(trained community CASA volunteers are appointed by a judge to provide court based advocacy for
children who are under court jurisdiction due to abuse or neglect)

Two Rivers Senior Center  Phone:  (920) 793-5596
1520 - 17th Street, Two Rivers, WI 54241
1st Friday of each month; mornings, starting at 9:30 a.m., by appointment only
Legal consultation services provided by Attorney Thomas Van Horn (to assist seniors with civil,
small claims, contract, Power of Attorney or estate planning questions)
Services available to members of Senior Center age 50 and older

Veterans Service Office  (Manitowoc County)  Phone:  (920) 683-4055
(provides benefit information and assistance to veterans)


American Bar Association
Better Business Bureau
Circuit Court Rules - Wisconsin Counties
Domestic Violence Center (d/b/a In-Courage)
Directory Assistance - Switchboard  (find people, find a business, reverse phone)
Internal Revenue Service
League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Legal Information and Educational Resources
National Center for State Courts
Social Security Administration
United States Court System
United States Department of Justice
United States Post Office
United States Supreme Court

Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance
Wisconsin Counties Association
Wisconsin Court System
Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Wisconsin Department of Administration
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Wisconsin Department of Justice
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Wisconsin Department of Revenue/Unclaimed Property
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry 
Wisconsin State Agencies
Wisconsin State Bar
Wisconsin State Law Library
Wisconsin State Legislature
Wisconsin Statutes
Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules
Wisconsin Vital Records