Courtroom Technology

Courtroom Sound Systems

All three circuit court courtrooms and the B-15 commissioner courtroom have audio sound systems which include high quality speakers and microphones located at the bench, witness stand, counsel tables, and clerk's desk  to enhance communication in the courtroom.  The microphones are equipped with mute buttons to allow attorney/client communication.  There is also a wireless microphone and lavalier mics available in each courtroom.

Hearing Loop

All three circuit courtrooms and the B-15 courtroom have hearing loops installed, specifically designed for each courtroom, as well as assistive hearing devices available for individuals who may be hard of hearing.  The hearing loop system provides hearing assistance to individuals with hearing aids equipped with a “T” coil, whereby all sound is transmitted wirelessly from the sound system directly to their hearing aids, delivering crisp, clear sound while reducing or eliminating background noise.  For individuals who are hard of hearing, not using a hearing aid, they can use a headset and receiver which is either worn around their neck or held, where volume can be adjusted to personal preference, giving them the same benefit as the “T” coil hearing aid.  These units are available for use in all courtrooms upon request.

Video Conference Capability

Both the Branch 2 and  B-15 courtrooms have ISDN and IP  video conference capability.  48 hours advance notice preferred for scheduling video conference hearings, however, 24 hours is minimum lead time required, subject to court approval. Requesters must provide the ISDN number or IP address of the remote site, as well as a contact person and phone number.  Video conference scheduling done through court official’s judicial assistant.

Telephone Conference Capability

All three circuit courtrooms and the B-15 courtroom have telephone conference capability, utilizing Polycom phones.  Telephone conferences are scheduled through court official's judicial assistant, may be subject to court approval.

Elmo Projection Equipment 

High resolution digital evidence presentation equipment (Model HV-5100XG).  Compact and lightweight….can be transported from courtroom to courtroom.  Document camera can be used like a projector to display both 3D and 2D evidence on a large screen.  Camera heads can be rotated to capture precise angles and the most intricate details can be optimally presented, magnified up to 60 times the original.  Can use with a laptop to perform a Power Point presentation.  ELMO equipment reservations can be made through judicial assistants.

Media Cart
  • VHS/DVD player
  • 32” flat screen TV
    Equipment reservations can be made through judicial assistants.
Data Ports

Data ports have been installed on top of each counsel table in all three circuit courtrooms and the B-15 courtroom  to provide convenient power access for laptops and other electronic devices which may be utilized in court.

HD Cameras in Courtrooms

All three circuit courtrooms and the B-15 courtroom are outfitted with  HD cameras to allow monitoring of courtroom activity by the judges, judicial assistants, Clerk of Court, and bailiffs in remote locations.

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