Criminal Unit

Criminal Unit Contact Information

     Janet Bonin      (920) 683-4027 
     Roberta Brice  (920) 683-4034

Mandatory Criminal E-Filing Implemented  - Effective March 1, 2017 for Manitowoc County 
(CT, CM, CF cases, including ability to e-file contested TR and FO cases)

-"mandatory e-filing" applies to all attorneys or high volume filers filing 10 or more cases per year

- pro se litigants can become voluntary e-filers

- refer to "E-Filing Resources" for more information on becoming an 
e-filer and for information and guidelines relevant to e-filing
Criminal Intake Information

Criminal intake court is held on Monday afternoons.  Misdemeanor cases are heard commencing at 1:30 p.m., followed by felony cases or cases involving defendants in custody, commencing at approximately at 2:30 p.m.

The judges are on a monthly rotation for intake.  The Branch 1 judge presides over intake for January, April, July and October.  The Branch 2 judge presides over intake for February, May, August, and November.  The Branch 3 judge presides over intake for March, June, September and December.  Criminal intake hearings are open to the public.

If you are scheduled for an initial appearance in criminal intake and are unable to appear for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact the judicial assistant for the judge presiding over intake to advise of the reason to see if the court will approve and grant an adjournment.

Your failure to appear for a criminal initial appearance will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and possible forfeiture of bail.

If you want to be represented by a public defender, you must contact the State Public Defender’s office  prior to your initial appearance date.  If the Public Defender’s office determines that you do not qualify for a public defender, the court can appoint counsel to represent you.  You must bring the rejection paperwork from the Public Defender to the Clerk of Court office to request court appointed counsel.  The State Public Defender’s office is located at 933 South 8th Street, Manitowoc, and their phone number is (920)683-4690.


If you need an interpreter, you need to advise the Clerk of Court office prior to your scheduled hearing, so arrangements can be made to have an interpreter available for your hearing, or you can complete an Interpreter Request and submit it to the Clerk of Court prior to your scheduled hearing.

The Clerk of Court also has a bilingual Counter Clerk who speaks limited Spanish, who is available to assist our Spanish speaking community either in person or by telephone.

One of our contracted Spanish interpreters has simultaneous interpreting equipment available upon request to provide simultaneous Spanish interpreting for multiple parties at once (i.e. defendant and other family members).  The equipment involves the interpreter wearing a headset microphone while the Spanish speaker would wear ear buds or an external ear piece connected to a receiver, which has volume controls.

 Bail Hearing Information

 Bail hearings are held daily by videoconference, Monday through Friday, except for holidays, commencing at 12:45 p.m. in the B-15 courtroom, located in the lower level of the courthouse. 

A court commissioner presides over bail hearings.  Bail hearings are open to the public. 

If you failed to appear at any mandatory court appearance which resulted in a warrant being issued for your arrest, you can turn yourself in by 9:00 a.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) at the Manitowoc County Jail to be eligible for a bail hearing that same day.  

If you wish to post bail for a defendant, you can do so at the Clerk of Court office during normal business hours Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  Bail can be paid by cash, check, money orders, debit or credit card, or a wire transfer for large dollar amounts.  Contact the Clerk of Court office for specific restrictions which may apply.  Bail can be posted outside of normal business hours at the Manitowoc County Jail, however, limited types of payment can be accepted at the Jail (cash is acceptable or a local personal check not to exceed $500). Contact the jail directly for additional information.  

If you post bail with insufficient funds, the District Attorney will be notified and a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest, and  the defendant  may face additional charges of bail jumping.  Checks returned as insufficient funds are subject to a $20.00 NSF fee from Manitowoc County. 

Persons posting cash bail will be required to sign a Notice to Party Furnishing Cash Bail Bond, to advise them of how the cash bail may be applied, as well as the possibility of it being forfeited if the defendant fails to appear for scheduled court appearances.  Any refund of cash bail is returned to the person who posted the bail, except as ordered by the Court.  It is important for any person who posts cash bail to keep the Clerk of Court advised of any change of address. 

If you need an interpreter, you need to advise the Clerk of Court office prior to your scheduled hearing, so arrangements can be made to have an interpreter available for your hearing.

Appeals for the Wisconsin Circuit Courts

The Supreme Court Clerk has prepared a handbook which outlines the basic rules and procedures for the Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals. This handbook pertains to civil, small claims and criminal appeals.

Citizens Guide to Filing an Appeal
A manual for filing an appeal to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals (Rev. 8/2015)
(Note: page 35 of the manual has direct links to each form).

Appellate Forms
Link for the required forms for filing an Appeal in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.

Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
Website for contact information and FAQ.

Did you know that you can monitor the status of a Court of Appeals case online?  Simply go to Court of Appeals, click "I Agree", enter the Court of Appeals case number, then click "Search."

Court Appointed Counsel Fees

Court Appointed Counsel Fees
General overview of the Manitowoc County policy for court appointed counsel. 

Court Appointed Counsel Fees
The Petition and Order for Payment of Court-Appointed Counsel Fees. If you are a court appointed
attorney for
Manitowoc County you can receive a Word fillable version of this document by emailing a
request to:  Nicole
   Billing rate for court appointed counsel is $70.00/hr.  Payment
plans are available to pay the balance in monthly installments.  Statutory interest will be charged on any
unpaid balance until paid in full.

Criminal Records 

Criminal Records Questions and Answers  DOJ brochure
Fingerprint Record Removal Request Form (DJ-LE-250B)

Expungement of DNA

Criteria for determining DNA expungement
Instructions and Request to Expunge DNA for Wisconsin Database  DOJ forms

Collection of Crime Victim Restitution

Information and Application for Collecting Crime Victim Restitution (Manitowoc County form)
Interest Rates on Civil Judgments (for determining statutory interest rate applicable to judgment)

Governors Pardon

Per the Governor's office, the pardon process has been suspended indefinitely.  Applications currently on file will be saved for future use.  However, no new applications will be accepted.

RSS Feeds

Some data presented on the WCCA website is available through RSS feeds. For more information on RSS, how it works and how to subscribe to feeds, see information below:

What is RSS?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) delivers Web content directly to a user in a timely manner without the user having to repeatedly visit the Web site from which the content originates.

How does RSS work?
Information is delivered to subscribers via an RSS reader. Many free desktop readers are available for download from the Internet. In addition, most Web browsers and Web sites like Google and Yahoo have built-in readers.

Subscribing to an RSS feed
Each RSS feed reader is a little different. To subscribe to an RSS feed try one of the following:

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How often will I receive updated content?
How frequently items appear in an RSS reader depends on how often the RSS feed to which you have subscribed is checked for new content by your reader.

What information on this site is available as an RSS feed?
Data brought back using the case search, public domain citation search and citation of official publishers search features is all available as an RSS feed. Simply look for the feed icon.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds for specific cases as part of your case search. 
-Go to to perform a case search
-Click on “I agree”, enter the party’s name or case number, and the county (or statewide search)
-On the next screen you will be required to fill out the CAPTCHA to obtain access to the site
-Click on the case number you wish to search or view
-On next screen click on “view case details”
-On next screen, on the right hand side, click on the orange “RSS” button
-On next screen, click on “subscribe to this feed”

When you subscribe to a feed, it is automatically added to the “Favorites Center” and kept up to date. 
Your computer will periodically check online for updates to subscribed feeds, even when Internet Explorer is not running.

Text Message Reminders

You can now sign up to receive text message reminders for upcoming court hearings. 
Drop off or mail completed form to Clerk of Court office.
           ·Messages will be sent at 6:00 p.m. two days prior to any scheduled court activity
           ·Messages will not be sent on holidays or weekends
           ·Ad Hoc messaging can be done by court staff to advise parties of cancellations
           ·Text messages are supplemental notifications, provided as a convenience for customers
             who elect the service

Forms / Documents / Procedures

Address Change
Complete form legibly, including case number(s).  Address will be changed only on cases
indicated.  Clerk of Court requires all address changes to be given in writing. Submit completed
form to Clerk of Court in person, by mail or by fax.

Expungement of Court Records
Helpful Information and Frequently Asked Questions Brochure

Cash Bail Notice - For Party Posting Bail
Notice provided to person posting cash bail regarding application of cash bail, possibility of forfeiture, return of deposit and requirement to keep court advised of any change in address.

Recommended Guidelines for Court Exhibits (Manitowoc County policy)
Informational resource to provide direction for effectively managing court exhibits at trial


Manitowoc County Local Court Rules for county specific criminal procedure information
Jail Roster for Manitowoc County Jail
Warrant List for Manitowoc County, City of Manitowoc PD, City of Two Rivers PD, and Kiel PD
Sex Offender Registry Department of Corrections Official State of Wisconsin Offender Website