Service, Quality, Availability

The Manitowoc County Airport (KMTW) offers quality service to preserve, promote, and enhance general aviation to the citizens of Manitowoc County and surrounding communities.  The airport follows all (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration and Wis. D.O.T/Bureau of Aeronautics policies and recognizes the importance of providing multiple aeronautical services by offering fuel options (24-hour availability), aircraft mechanical services and inspections, as well as hangar space availability with the option of leasing.  The Manitowoc County Airport offers flight training and related services through CAVU Aviation, Inc.  Our airport delivers the highest standards of professionalism and an excellent level of quality service to meet the needs of our patrons and the members of our community.

Taxing small jet with leerjet in background

               During normal business hours
           We have an on site logistics lineman

Flight Support Operations - Erik Hilke & Rick Wrobel
Unicom 122.8 VOR 111.0
Green Bay Approach 120.2

 Jet Fuel Station

                                      We have a 24/7 fuel farm

We offer the following aviation fuels:
Jet A (AvFuel Branded)
100LL AvGas (AvFuel Branded)
Auto Gas - Ethanol Free 91 Octane
*Self-service fuel available 24 hours.*

Please call 920-683-4594 for hanger space availability.

Please contact Rich Conrad at 920-323-9077 for aircraft mechanical services and inspections.