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Nutrition Education & Counseling

A registered dietitian provides or oversees food safety/nutrition education and nutrition screening for congregate and home delivered meal consumers.  Nutritional counseling for Nutrition Program participants is also available to those who are at high nutritional risk or want to improve their nutritional status.

As we get older, our nutritional needs change.  We may not be as physically active as we once were.  Additionally, our body's metabolism may be less efficient.  The combination of this, and other factors, may cause unplanned weight gain and less efficient nutrient absorption.

A general suggestion to maintain good nutrition as we get older is to select more nutrient-dense foods with lower amounts of fat and sugar (empty calories).  Eat a variety of foods that are good sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

For more information, call the Aging & Disability Resource Center of the Lakeshore at 1-877-416-7083.

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