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Departments: Child Support Enforcement Agency
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Child Support Establishment
 The Child Support Agency can bring legal action for support of a minor child including a provision for medical insurance coverage.
 Upon application for services, or in public benefit cases, the Child Support Agency will attempt to identify and locate the alleged father in a paternity or support action. The Child Support Agency will also use locate services to find a non-custodial parent?s current address, social security number, or employer to establish support. The Agency also assists law enforcement in parental kidnapping and custody cases.
Monitoring and Enforcement
 Upon application for services, the Child Support Agency can assist in implementing income withholding. If an arrangement exists, the Agency can request a tax intercept. There are a number of enforcement tools available if support is not being paid including placing liens on property, suspension of drivers and other state issued licenses, and civil contempt charges.
Paternity Establishment
 The Child Support Agency will attempt to establish paternity in cases where there is a non-martial child and the custodial parent has applied for services or receives public benefits. Paternity must first be established before a court can order child support. Paternity establishment is also necessary to guarantee rights to inheritances, social security benefits, and life insurance benefits.
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