Waste Tire Collection

Name of Event: Waste Tire Collection

Date: September 11 through September 23, 2017

Time: Monday – Friday 7 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 8 AM to Noon

Location: Manitowoc County Recycling Center Main Office

Description: County residents and businesses can drop off their unwanted tires for a small fee during the collection event.  Tires accepted include car, truck, semi, tractor, motorcycle, ATV, and bicycle tires.  For questions, visit us online or call 920-683-4333.

Fees and Guidelines
  • Pay in the Recycling Center Main Office before dropping off any tires
  • $4.00 per car tire or smaller (5 tires or less)
  • $5.50 per standard truck tire (5 tires or less)
  • 14 cents per pound ($280 per ton) for:
    • quantities of 6 or more tires
    • Semi tires
    • Tractor tires
    • Tires on Rims
  • Bring your waste tires during the listed times for the Main Office
  • Collection employees reserve the right to judge, based on tire size and quantity, whether a customer is charged on a per tire basis or by tire weight.
  • Residents and businesses with large quantities of tires should call the Recycling Center.